Touch UI – Checkbox for multifield

Problem Description: Consider adding a multifield (with checkbox) to a Component Edit dialog in Touch UI.

An author selects one/many checkbox in multifield and saves the Dialog.

Issue: On reopening the dialog, the state of the checkbox is not retained. In other words, no checkbox is selected.

Solution (Verified on AEM 6.2 and ACS-Commons 3.3.0):

  1. Install ACS Commons. It would allow the multifield values to be stored via nodestore/jsonstore. Steps on how to create a multifield can be found at below mentioned links:
    • to persist values via NODE_STORE, visit link
    • to persist values via JSON_STORE, visit link
  2. Configure ‘value’ configuration for the checkbox as indicated below:

Verify the checkbox by checking, saving dialog & reopening dialog again.

Thanks !

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