Avoid Binary Duplication – Multilingual Assets

Asset binaries occupy much larger storage space compared to metadata and tags. Therefore, if translating metadata and tags only serves your purpose, omit to translate the binaries.

File Data Store and Amazon S3 Data Store provide a storage infrastructure that is best suited for these scenarios. These storage repositories store a single copy of asset binaries (including renditions) that can be shared by metadata and tags in multiple locales. Therefore, creating asset language copies and translating metadata and tags does not affect repository size.

To achieve the same, disable “DAM Metadata Writeback”. “DAM Metadata Writeback” workflow rewrites the metadata to the binary file. Because the metadata changes after translation, writing it back to the binary file generates a different binary for a language copy.

Please follow the steps detailed on Best Practices for Translating Assets Efficiently

How to verify if the settings work?

  1. Upload an asset to your language master folder
  2. Create a translation copy of the asset. Refer to following links for help on creating language copy for Asset
  3. Verify “jcr:content/metadata@dam:sha1” property of the assets created above. If the values are same, they point to same binary in the File data store

To list all duplicate asset binaries in Repository, refer to Link

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