AEM and Dynamic Media Integration – Pointers on how to optimize

Dynamic Media allows to customize and deliver interactive multimedia experiences across all devices. It is often used with AEM, to accelerate content creation and delivery. Please visit link, for information on key benefits and capabilities In this article, I would share few optimizations that should be performed when integrating AEM and Dynamic Media. Note: Some … Continue reading AEM and Dynamic Media Integration – Pointers on how to optimize

Asset upload restrictions

You can configure Adobe Experience Manager Assets to restrict the type of assets that users can upload. It helps you: eliminate the possibility of users uploading assets in an undesired formatrestrict upload of any malicious files. To restrict the upload, configure "Day CQ DAM Asset Upload Restriction" as described on link Once the configuration is done, … Continue reading Asset upload restrictions

Smart Tags and Enhanced Smart Tags

Today every organization creates and manages large amounts of digital data to provide better user-experience. Managing assets requires substantial amount of effort from library managers to actively tag assets. Smart tag feature aims to reduce management effort by automatically identifying and tagging images with generic tags. This is powered by Adobe Sensei, which uses Adobe … Continue reading Smart Tags and Enhanced Smart Tags

AEM Asset Reports

With AEM Assets, you can generate a variety of reports around your digital assets. Standard reports available: Upload Download Expiration Modification Publish Brand Portal publish Disk Usage Files Link Share Generating Reports: Details on how to generate reports are available at link User could also add additional columns to report as described at link When … Continue reading AEM Asset Reports

content-package-maven-plugin:1.0.2 could not be resolved

Error on installing project via maven command. Unresolveable build extension: Plugin or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Failure to find in was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of central has elapsed or updates are forced -> [Help 2] [ERROR] Unknown … Continue reading content-package-maven-plugin:1.0.2 could not be resolved

MSM Rollout – Excluding content updates

Rollout synchronizes content from the source to the livecopy. Can be triggered by an author (on a blueprint page) or by a system event (as defined by the rollout configuration). During rollout, content (paragraph items, page properties) are updated as per Rollout configurations (Rules that determine which properties will be synchronized, how and when.) Hereby … Continue reading MSM Rollout – Excluding content updates