DS Annotations – Sling Filter

Sling supports filter processing by applying filter chains to the requests before actually dispatching to the servlet or script for processing. They can be used to call a servlet, to redirect to another page, to authenticate request, preprocessing, post-processing of mark up, logging, measuring, decoration or adding/removing request parameters. Filters to be used in such … Continue reading DS Annotations – Sling Filter

DS Annotations – Component, property and configurations

@Component Annotation An component is a piece of code that is managed by OSGi container. The container would be responsible for its instantiation and management. Attributes of a component:  The above table have been noted from: https://www.knopflerfish.org/releases/5.2.0/docs/javadoc/org/osgi/service/component/annotations/Component.html configurationPolicy: The attribute can hold following values of ConfigurationPolicy IGNORE: Always allow the component configuration to be satisfied and do … Continue reading DS Annotations – Component, property and configurations