Manage access to links in Global navigation panel / Tools Menu

We often have to tighten the link access in AEM to limit user access to only few links, like only Sites, Experience fragments. For AEM 6.3 touch UI, if you wish to revoke access on a link in Global Navigation Panel, you will have to follow 2 steps: Revoke access on the icon that displays … Continue reading Manage access to links in Global navigation panel / Tools Menu

Customizing AEM Toolbar

Adding new action to an AEM Assets Toolbar consists of 2 steps: Configure the new action for the toolbar Add a client library to execute some operation on clicking the action. In the following example, we are adding ability to publish and unpublish assets from the Collection view. Step 1: Resolving the location of toolbar … Continue reading Customizing AEM Toolbar

DS Annotations – dependency updates

With AEM 6.2, we can use the new Declarative Service annotations. These are improvements over Felix annotations. Adding the recommendation excerpt from Apache Felix website: While the Apache Felix Maven SCR Plugin is a great tool (see below), for developing OSGi components using Declarative Services you should use the official annotations from the OSGi R6 … Continue reading DS Annotations – dependency updates

DS Annotations – Component, property and configurations

@Component Annotation An component is a piece of code that is managed by OSGi container. The container would be responsible for its instantiation and management. Attributes of a component:  The above table have been noted from: configurationPolicy: The attribute can hold following values of ConfigurationPolicy IGNORE: Always allow the component configuration to be satisfied and do … Continue reading DS Annotations – Component, property and configurations